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General Counsel

Business owners face constant decisions that may have critical legal consequences.  For those entities that do not have a dedicated attorney on staff, having reliable legal counsel available on call is invaluable.  Rizzardi Law fills this outside general counsel role, helping business clients manage the broad array of legal issues that inevitably arise in their day to day operations.

Entity Formation and Governance

Rizzardi Law advises business owners and licensed professionals regarding entity formation, including the various available options and structures appropriate for the particular client's individual needs.  Once the entity is formed, Rizzardi Law assists with ongoing governance, as well as any necessary changes in structure posed by growth and expansion of the business, partnership with another entity, acquisition, dissolution, and other potential events.   


Contracts are an integral part of any business or professional licensee's practice.  When they are drafted in view of the client's specific circumstances and objectives, they can provide tremendous benefits.  When they are not, they create tremendous risk.  Rizzardi Law ensures that client contracts are tailored to their specific industry, secure their stated goals, and are insurable, internally consistent and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.  

Labor & Employment

Rizzardi law assists its clients navigating the complex web of laws and regulations that govern the workplace, ranging from independent contractor and exempt v. non-exempt employee status, to benefits and insurance.  The Firm ensures that its clients have the appropriate policies in place from the commencement of employment through separation, and provides training to comply with local, state, and federal law.  

Risk Management

Business decisions may pose legal risks relating to licensing, ethics, insurance, compliance, and litigation.  Rizzardi Law draws on years of experience to identify and analyze risks that may not be apparent to its clients, and to mitigate adverse impacts.   

Dispute Resolution

If a claim does arise, Rizzardi Law provides a first line of defense, counseling clients regarding leverage of insurance, contractual language, and other available resources.  The Firm assists clients with developing and executing a strategy for quick and efficient resolution.    

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